First, you want to choose shoes that fit.  Measuring your feet several times would help you get a clearer idea of what you are looking for.   Secondly, trace your feet on a piece of paper to get better measurements.  Sounds crazy but it works, trust me.  Most people immediately know their shoe size by the length but what about the width?  Style’s that are too narrow will cause pain and swelling in the foot: going a half size up will not address those issues.  While some people’s feet are within an average shoe width, many need specialty sizing for a good fit.  A few tips to remember. If your feet are moving around in your shoes, you probably need a narrower shoe.  If your shoes are too tight or pinch, you need a wider shoe size.

Before you buy, do not just quickly try on a pair – walk around the store to make sure that they are comfortable before making your purchase.  Then ask yourself a few questions: Are the shoes slipping off?  Are they comfortably tight?  Do they pinch your foot?  If these answers are yes, do not buy them no matter how cute or sexy they are.  I know it makes you sad; but not everyone can wear every shoe that’s why there is tons of styles.

For example, most of my stilettos have a strap around the ankle because I need ankle support.  My ankles need more than just a single strap to balance in a pair of stilettos.  In addition, my flats have arch support inserts because I have high arches.  No need to waist money on shoes that are just going to be on the shelf in the closet.

I hope that this helps when you go to purchase your next pair of shoes.  And answers the question to why those sexy, cute, stylish shoes that you love so much hurt your feet.

Photography by Fashion Chit-Chat Blog // Queenie’s Shoe Collection


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