1st Day of Winter is December 21st

I absolutely love fringes on shoes.

So, you are planning to buy yourself new boots, right? I am here to advise you to try on fringe boots.  Fringe boots is one of the best and sexy designs to wear that will never fade, as you see. Of course it’s not a new trend, say hello to 1970,  it’s a real comeback that makes you look different and really stylish.  Remember everything is possible and coexists ideally if only you make the right balance by perfectly combining the right clothing.  So, if you decided to buy yourself some fringe boots, then make sure you pick a sexy classy pair like mine.  I brought these about 4 years ago so it maybe hard to find these, but there are several out there by this designer and others.

Foot Model Queenie / Fringe Wheat Color Suede Booties by Gianni Bini


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