Booties -vs- Boots

I’m big on casual fall style–I love love love jeans with boots and something simple on top. That’s been my go-to look for colder months for years.  This season I’m all about the sexy booties, skinny jeans and Moto Jackets.

You might not have noticed, but I don’t wear tall, over-the-knee boots.  Reason being I’m just too short.  They tend to swallow my body and make me look disproportionate.   But I do have a few boots that hit right below my knees.  However, I LOVE booties and always get excited for a new pair (or 2 or 3) come fall.  Booties are a short girl’s best friend.  You can wear them with jeans, shorts, dresses, the list goes on.  This season I’m really digging boots with studs.  I haven’t purchased a pair yet cause I’m looking for a unique pair that screams sexxxxyyyyy.  Below is a few pair of my Black booties bought over the years and they still look stylish today.  And my favorite navy blue print pair by Steve Madden.  You will definitely see these this fall/winter.



Foot Model Queenie / Booties by STEVE MADDEN


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