Bossed up artists of 2017

Before I move onto 2018, I think the only way to serve this article justice is by acknowledging the artists that made a dent in societal norms in the music industry. In this post I will recognize my favorites, dislikes, and artists unbeknownst to us that we should have liked in categories fitting of their talents.

Most Vulnerable


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Political, mature, vulnerable, lyrically conscious, and most reminiscent of real lyricists of way back when.  Jay-Z speaks on his infidelity, struggles with his family, friends, and loved ones fluidly laced over samples of reggae, soul, and jazz.  This album made me feel like my loved one was pouring out all their insecurities, their sin, and regret out onto me all at one simultaneous moment in time.  Its almost as if this album is a time capsule to his children.  Dropping gems of wisdom on politics, color-ism, racism, finances, and embracing family togetherness.  Jay-z speaks on wealth in family, and how to mend family wounds by killing your ego.  “4:44” is not only a time capsule but a heart ripped open apology to Beyonce.  “4:44” is the rebuilding of a broken man.

Breakout Artist


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Melodic rhythmic lyrics sprays vulgar, truth, and realization of self over minimalist compositions of hip hop, jazz, soul and pop.  I think “CTRL”is the realization of not having control of things in your life, all the while being able to manipulation scenarios so the pain isn’t so bad.  My man is my man is your man, heard that’s her man too, and letting go of stereotypical norms of being a side piece and embracing a new age way of thinking about a sexual relationship.  Holding up the weight of a needy friend, carrying around their judgment and ideology while you try to live your life.  Thinking if Gina let loose a little bit and wasn’t so uptight, maybe her friend could live her life.  SZA covers feeling alone, being rejected, the insecurities of a young scorn woman, and defining your self worth. “CTRL” is an unconventional ride of finding and losing love, and finding ones self more and more after each situation.

Unbeknownst to us

Sabrina ClaudioAbout Time

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Long sensual drawings of emotion, like a bow drawing across strings on a violin.  Soft seductive vocals linger on every track, even while shes expressing her disdain for a past lover who will never get to appreciate the real Sabrina.  Soft sweet hums, beautiful electronically manipulated vocal reverb and effortless soul teases the auditory cortex with mystery.  Often the lyrics are hidden just slightly behind false interpretation of love. For example, “Belong to you” in all actuality is about self love and never compromising for less than what you would give yourself.  From wanting to live in a moment of time in a relationship, to reminiscing on how things used to be, and even to giving herself time to think and do whats right for herself and her lover in “Wait”.  Sabrina shares the wisdom of experiencing and learning how to love yourself before you love someone else. “About time” is the evolution of a woman wilting, growing and experiencing life, love, love lost, and being OK being alone.

Most Ambitious…..fail

Chris Brown “Heartbreak on a Full Moon”

Image result for chris brown heartbreak on a full moon

Oh my R&B.. I mean Soul…I mean Trap…I mean Hip Hop.  Lets be real with ourselves, “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” is a drug induced intoxication of a lonely soul.  Chris Brown does well expressing that point, but lyrically the progression of his writing from his adolescence to now is rather lack luster and slightly disappointing. Drugs, Liquor, Money, Sex, and Strippers in a everlasting barrage and exploration of a heartbroken man.  The different eras of music that’s explored in this large compilation of composition is rather impressive but, leaves me over-whelmed.  Over-whelmed much to the effect of being in the worlds largest, cleanest, most organized Home Goods. Its like….where should i start? “Pull up” is a nice start which leans back to the not so long ago Chris that was just R&B with a little bit of pop and hip hop.  Good lyrics, Nice beat, and a song about sex. “Heartbreak on a Full Moon” is like dealing with that friend that always has like forty five “things” going on, but you’re so routing for this guy.  I’m optimistic for what 2018 has for Chris Brown, i truly believe it will be greater than this album.

Critically Acclaimed, Critically Overlooked

Daniel Caesar“Freudian”

Image result for daniel caesar freudian

The over exaggeration of love in metaphors in a lucid presentation called “Freudian”. “Freudian” is warm cozy and familiar. Tracks like ” Hold me down” and “Get you” makes you feel like you’ve explored and experienced life’s many up’s downs and with a lover for years past. “Freudian” seems so mature, honest, and mellow. Every song is lyrically sound, masterfully produced and adds so much too the R&B/Soul genre. “Freudian” is the awkward guy we don’t notice and forget needs love too.

Signed, Enthusiastically excited for music in 2018-


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