Westbank, New Orleans Rapper “ChuckWavy”

“The wave doesn’t subside its relentless”

About – ChuckWavy has been on a Tsunami rise lately.  Fresh off a hot SXSW run in 2017,  landing  placement on a 5 city tour as well as making his way to Paris, France. While in country he filmed 2 videos off his latest WavyHorryEp release. One in particular , “Cheaptickets” was a tribute to designers Alani Taylor and Cambric&Calico , which documented the journey in Paris during Fashion week. With SXSW 2018 vastly approaching . ChuckWavy is now gearing up for a new mix tape release , titled “Wavin A. Smith” a wavy spin off of ESPN animated sports anchor Steven A. Smith .  image1ChuckWavy takes the direct no holds bar approach to a series of the hottest industry beats ; coupled with some original tracks of his own .  Giving  listeners a slight taste of the wave of new music to come. Priming his fan base for his debut album (untitled) , schedule for early 3rd quarter release. ChuckWavy is still a force to be reckon with as an emerging artists.  Clearly it won’t be long  until he Rides the wave to the top of the industry.

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Link to latest single (iTunes):Wavys Bayou

ITunesChuckWavy Apple Music Preview

ALL songs can be found on all digital distribution (GooglePlay, Spotify, etc.)
Exclusive interview with Queenie coming soon on YouTube @ Music Cars & Fashion

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