Janet Jackson Goes Deep on Her Early Challenges, Upcoming Music & the Joy of Motherhood

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Janet Jackson remains the same, in many ways, as when we first met 29 years ago, while she was shooting the “Rhythm Nation” video at a power plant in Pasadena, Calif. She was 23. For hours, I watched her perfect the paramilitary moves of a thrilling dance exhorting the world to break the color line. She was fierce. At the end of the day, I was invited into her trailer, where she had changed from a take-charge black uniform to oversize jeans and loose white T-shirt. Here, she was hardly fierce at all. Instead, she was reticent, even timid. She was so soft-spoken that I had to lean in to make out her words. She was uncomfortable speaking to a stranger and, with elaborate politeness, made it clear that the shorter the interview, the better. [Read More Billboard News]

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Michael and Janet in the “Scream” video, 1995.Michael and Janet in the “Scream” video, 1995.mj-jj-bb13-fea-story-2018-billboard-a-1548