White After Labor Day

Let us chitchat about white pants or just white clothing for a minute. In the old days of strict fashion rules, wearing white was considered a post-Labor Day no-no. But then again, black was once only proper for mourning, and denim was only acceptable if you were mining for gold. And with them, the antiquated notion that you cannot wear white after Labor Day. However, have you ever stopped to wonder where that mandate came from in the first place? Does it really still even apply? Fashion insiders are proving that white can be wearable all year round, designers and retailers are following their leads, and well, we could not be happier about it. Who wants to be limited when it comes to style anyway?

White After Labor Day

Queenie โ€“

My thoughts are wear what you want all year round, as long as it makes you happy and represents your personality. I am wearing white when I want to, no matter the season.

White After Labor Day


[pic above- Shirt by “At Last” / Jeans by Levi’s / Handbag by “The Sak” / Shoes by Nine West ]