Part 2 Review for MTV VMA’s

So, I’m going to try and go down the timeline right but I was also working and trying to eat dinner so bare with me (LOL). So Cardi B opens the show to what looks like she was breastfeeding a baby. A typical Cardi B joke it was a VMA Moon Man trophy, as she states that she can be both a mother and an artist and not having to choose between the two. Nicki Minaj wins best hip hop video which I disagree with but you read that in my earlier post. So Tiffany Haddish makes a joke about Fifth Harmony which I found hilarious, Nicki Minaj comes on stage to accept the award and tells Tiffany Haddish ” Don’t come for Fifth Harmony, because Normani Kordei is that b*tch! Now I found it funny that Tiffany Haddish is a comedian and it was a joke, but Nicki Minaj again trying to check someone like she a gangster. It was a joke love!

Blackstreet Boys came on stage to present song of the year, they sung the nominated tracks which they were off key and pitchy for some of the songs. Nicki Minaj performs “Majesty” and “Fefe”. I personally believe the performance was pre-recorded because she was barley rapping and I heard words but the mic wasn’t near her lips (side eye).

Can we get into this J.Lo performance that in my opinion was the best performance of the night. I have loved J.Lo since she first came out and have loved her ever since. Now, some people are saying she didn’t do as good as usual but let me remind people this lady is also 50 years old and given 20 yr olds a run for they money. Her body and look was on point and the dancing was awesome. She did all her hits from ” Waiting for Tonight”, ” On the Floor”, ” Love don’t cost a thing” to one of her biggest hits (which by the way Ashanti wrote) ” I’m Real”.

Jennifer Lopez held up her Moon Man trophy and said, “I grew up on MTV, and this is really a tremendous honor for me. It has been an incredible journey of dreaming my wildest dreams and then kind of watching them come true. Music, acting, performing, this career has always been kind of an obsession for me.” Then she said that when her children came into her life, “Everything changed.” She said, “I knew I had to be better. I knew I had to go higher, I had to be stronger than I had been before.” The singer thanked her children and said, “The future is brighter now because of you,” before thanking all of her friends, family and collaborators. Can we stop for a minute and say its a awesome thing when you come full circle in your life far as career, kids, happiness.

Ariana Grande performed “God is a Woman” and all I can say vocally good but other than that I was bored. Camila Cabello wins artist of the year and shoutout to the women nominees. Cardi B wins best new artist and let me say, her clap back to Nicki Minaj was so deserved its not funny. Nick Minaj earlier stated that basically Cardi B brought her record sells and air play. But this is typical Nicki Minaj when another female rapper seems to be doing good she has to knock them down a bit. So Cardi B simply says ” God gave me something that you can’t buy b*tch”. Best new artist is a fan based voting and clearly she has a large fan base.

Madonna walks on stage and gives this speech about how Aretha Franklin changed the course of her life.  I’m not going to go all in the speech because in my opinion it was disrespectful just like that horrible tribute she did for Prince.

Overall, it was a ok show could’ve been better, but it was ok. Comment below your thoughts about the 2018 MTV VMA’s below.

Jay (Music Commentator)

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