Happy Birthday “King of POP”


Sixty years ago, on (8/29/58) Michael “King of POP” Jackson was born.  Child star turned King of Pop, died in Los Angeles on Thursday 6/25/09 in the afternoon after suffering an apparent cardiac arrest in his home.   The announcement of Michael Jackson’s death had his fans nationally and internationally sadden for days.  Although, details of his personal life remain contested, Jackson’s shining musical legacy is still present today.

The list of my favorite Michael Jackson songs is too long to name them all.  I will try to narrow my list down to two songs.  Let me see, my first song is “I’ll Be There” released on 1/1/70, is one I absolutely love.  This was when he was the young Michael Jackson in the “Jackson 5”. 

With very little experience in love at 12 years old, he still captivated people of all ages.  My second song would be “You Are Not Alone” released on 10/3/09.  This song was so relatable during this time in my life.  Losing my mother in 1989 to cancer and then in 2003 losing my father to a sudden tragedy with no warning, I definitely felt all alone.  I would listen to this song daily to get thru those empty feelings of not being able to call my parents.  Michael Jackson wrote songs that millions of people could relate to and that is why his music is timeless; even after his death.

I would like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the “KING OF POP” !   Thank You for blessing the world with the gift GOD gave you.  You will be forever missed but never forgotten.


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