One of my favorite videos by the King of POP! Period! Everything about this video is awesome from the choreograph, visuals and sound. Michael Jackson appears in the video as a hooded wizard who enters an Egyptian palace and attempts to entertain theΒ Pharaoh‘s bored Queen(played by Iman). Two other entertainers have failed, and she has sent them to be executed. The Queen sees that this wizard is different β€” instead of juggling or eating fire, he walks up the steps to her throne and sings to her, asking her if she “remembers the time” they were together. The Pharaoh (played by Eddie Murphy) hardly appreciates this move and summons his guards. Michael Jackson runs away to another room and begins elaborate, Egyptian-style choreography with the Pharaoh’s servants. This video is one of the best videos the King did in my opinion. Post your favorite song or video from the “Dangerous” album.

Jay (Music Commentator)


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