Cardi B attacks Nicki Minaj

So rumors are going around that last night Cardi B attacks Nicki Minaj at an event hosted by Harper’s Bazaar in New York. What is being said is that Cardi B went up to Nicki to confront her woman to woman about some rumors Cardi B heard that Nicki was spreading.   Cardi B people say that Cardi B was not looking to start no fight she just wanted to talk. Then things went left when one of Nicki security people elbowed Cardi B in the face. Cardi B then throw her shoe at Nicki and allegedly hit her with it. Afterwards, Cardi B went to twitter to say this about Nicki:


So just my opinion, this is not new from Nicki. It is the reason why so many female artist do not like her or want to work with her. I have said plenty of times that Nicki has problems with any female rapper that could possibly be a threat. Remy said she tried to talk to Nicki woman to woman, Cardi B said that same thing. I think what crosses the line is when you talk about someone child and think it is all right. Children are off limits period!

Breaking News!! Allegedly, there was a fight between Mary J. Blige and Faith Evans last night at P. Diddy’s party in the Hampton’s. I will keep you posted as soon as I find out the tea. Post your comments below and tell me what you think.

Jay (Music Commentator)