Malfunctions of Life from a Beauty Perspective

We often put a lot of focus on our outer beauty.   Trying to meet a standard we create in our minds that may appear unattainable.    We often ignore the core of what we are and then wonder why we have so many “wardrobe malfunctions” in life.  I remember when ladies wore slips.  It was customary if you saw another woman’s slip hanging from under her clothes you would usher her to the side and help her adjust her undergarment.

The Slip was created in the 1960’s to wear under the mini skirt.  The undergarments throughout the years have always been as important as the outfit.  They both work together to give you your total look.   I often refer to “yourslipishanging” when I talk about issues that can challenge us. We all have a memory of a wardrobe malfunction,  I like to call it “the slip issue.”   It could be in the form of love….with our significant other…….our relationships… work or the gym……or even our kids…….who always seem to need that extra attention from us when we are getting the “scoop” on something trending.   Through all of my life experiences, I realize its all a part of life or ” the outfit”……

The total package can be achieved and maintained by readjusting our situation from the inside out.   Which will lead us to our outer beauty and keep us resilient to the journey of life.  Like the beauty being featured today, she’s a makeup artist located in Washington D.C.   I like to call her the “face beater.”  Her knowledge of maintaining great skin as well as applying the hottest eye color will complete your total look.

 I chose this makeup artist because of her unique “slip issue “……. looking at her, you would never know that in 2013 she was in a car accident that caused her to undergo reconstructive surgery on her face.  It was a journey that required a lot of wardrobe changes and she had to readjust her slip on many occasions,  but she did it, and  look at how her outfit turned out!…… can follow her on Instagram @faces_that_slay and remember……to be beautiful inside and out just adjust….. “your slip. “

Written by JgDavis


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