World’s 1st FACEBOOK Party !

To start,  the dress code was blue jeans and a white shirt.  Too easy, everyone has it in his or her closet.  The event was really organized; from the moment you walked thru the doors at Slover Library in downtown Norfolk, to taking the elevator to the sixth floor where the event was.  When you walked in the women at the table were so polite and offered us a way to win a trip to CANCUN.  Therefore, you know I was listening attentively because this trip is on my bucket list.  It was too easy.  All you had to do was go around the event and get signatures from vendors and others on the sheet.  Fill in all the blanks and turn in for a chance to win.  Well I am sadden that I did not win; but it is okay all the fun compensated for it.

Next, let us chitchat about the red carpet interviews done by the one and only BECK G from FAMOUS RADIO LIVE on the “Morning After Show”, Saturdays at 11 a.m. EST.  Well, if you want a red carpet host, and you want positive energy, then BECK G is the woman for the job.  I had my first interview on her “Morning After Show” and it was full of FUN.  Joining BECK G was ASIA SYMONE radio host for PRAISE 92.5 FM.   Great Job Ladies, you both made red carpet feel like the BET Awards.

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  1. Shawn Smith

    This is cooool !! Love it

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  2. Rebecca Smith

    Great !!

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  3. Jay Alexander

    When is the next one ?


  4. Linda Porter

    I love this blog !

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  5. Queenie's Blog

    June 9th, 2019

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  6. Queenie's Blog

    June 9, 2019

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