World’s 1st FACEBOOK Party !

Hello world!  This is Queenie your favorite traveling fashion blogger (originally from CA, now in VA; but I travel everywhere to get the latest on fashion), well if I am not; then I will be soon (Lol).   Let us chitchat about this fun FACEBOOK party I attending yesterday (9/16/18).   I’m going to start with giving a huge shout out to the host Queen Claudine, GREAT JOB!!

Claudine is the founder of DREAM DAP, Inc. and the FACEBOOK Party was a fundraiser for the foundation.  Dream DAP is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides home owner down payment assistance to single parents.  Visit Facebook @Dreamdap for more information.



This FACEBOOK Party was FREE to everyone that registered on Eventbrite! Claudia announced at the party that we all were a part of history; this was the World’s 1st Facebook Party ever.  And hundreds of people showed up to take part.  In addition, it was the BEST local 757 event that I have ever been invited to.  Well, I was not exactly invited; I was a VIP +1 with Regina Mobley (my BFF and anchor at Ch.13 News Norfolk, VA).   Guess you can say, there are benefits to having a BFF in local news (Lol).  Anyway, we are supposed to be talking about the party right! Let’s see….

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  1. Shawn Smith

    This is cooool !! Love it

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  2. Rebecca Smith

    Great !!

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  3. Jay Alexander

    When is the next one ?


  4. Linda Porter

    I love this blog !

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  5. Queenie's Blog

    June 9th, 2019

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  6. Queenie's Blog

    June 9, 2019

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