How often can you use a washcloth and bath towel?

Whether you use a washcloth only for your face or on your entire body, using a clean cloth each time will help combat the germs living in bathrooms.  Bathrooms are typically wet and warm spaces, which are the perfect environment for bacteria and mold.  Letting your damp washcloth lay around for days invites bacteria and mold, and you can unknowingly spread bacteria if you reuse the same cloth repeatedly.  The point of bathing is to get rid of bacteria — not to add more to your body.  Bacteria is the leading cause of skin acne and practicing good cleansing regiments will help in clearing up problem skin.

Okay, now for the answer to how often can you use a washcloth and bath towel?  I recommend you change your washcloth and bath towel daily.  Also, make sure you have a week worth of both for yourself and each member of your household.  Having enough washcloths and bath towels will keep down bacteria and mold; creating a healthier bathroom environment.  Doing this you should see a change in your skin from your face to your body.  Always wash your face first and then rest of your body if you are only going to use one washcloth.  I use two washcloths; one for my face and one for my body because I’m a germophobe. (Lol)

Remember, keeping your washcloths and bath towels clean is very important too.  Neglecting to clean them on a regular basis will cause them to become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold.  Washing your washcloths and bath towels in hot water will help kill bacteria and mold; bleach is also effective at killing germs and mold, but it can ruin your washcloths and towels if used regularly.  Using hot water and a good laundry detergent is really all you need.  I also recommend you wash your washcloths and bath towels by themselves and not with other garments.




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