The Game Reportedly Has 48 Hours To Turn Over Financial Documents

Two years ago, Priscilla Rainey said that The Game sexually assaulted her by reaching up her dress and grabbing her butt and vagina.  She sued him and ended up winning the case.  The Game was ordered to pay her $7 million, but he hasn’t yet.  Now he has 48 hours to produce his financial documents or go to jail.

According to TMZ TV, the judge has already put a warrant out for his arrest, but gave  him until Friday at noon to provide the documents.

These male celebrities better start controlling them selves. $7 million is a lot of money to give away; when you can just keep your hands to yourself.  I wonder if he doesn’t have $7 million to give what will happen.   Pay attention men these women ain’t playing.  You all better look and not touch; or will cost you.  #ijs

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