Your clothing can help you get your way

Paragraph below Published by Readers Digest

This one’s for those who hate haggling over a car price or negotiating a house contract. (Um, isn’t that everyone?) According to research published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, your clothing can give you an edge in an argument. Subjects were divided into three groups: They dressed in either a suit, a pair of sweats, or were allowed to wear their own clothing. They were then put in a scenario where they had to negotiate. The people who were dressed better routinely trumped those who were dressed down.

My Response – Does your outfit help you get what you want?  Does what you wear help you argue better? In my opinion, great negotiators are just great negotiators no matter what they are wearing. #ijs


Shirt G by Guess / Pants by Express / Coat by Celebrity Fashion / Shoes by BCBGeneration

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