Carnival Horizon-Heading back Home (Part 2)

Last couple of hours before we depart Bermuda to head back home. It was a nice experience beautiful island not much to do but shop and grab something eat on the island. FYI, make sure you head back to the ship a little earlier then everyone else to miss that rush to get back on the ship. That line was crazy long and I was watching it from my room cause I headed back to the ship earlier than the rest (LOL). Also if you back on the ship before most of the people you can get your drinks faster or do other stuff that you would normally have to wait in line to get or do.

So of course I took advantage of being the few people on the ship right now. Went got food (no line) and got my drink (no line). These are the last few pictures I took before I left Bermuda. Part 2 of heading back home will be talking about what to do on the cruise and the food which was really good. Stay tune for the adventures of Jay Music cruise to Bermuda.

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