OMG! Diddy and Cassie are a WRAP!

There was a roomer that the 11 year relationship between Diddy and Cassie is over.  Looks like “The Shade Room” has confirmed it yesterday with a Cassie Rep; the person said they have been broken up for months on DL.

Just in 2015, Bossip reported that Diddy was willing to enter a long term “Love Contract” offering financial Benefits.   Diddy stated then; he was not opposed to marriage, he just not ready.  So 3 years later, I guess Cassie was like 11 years and no ring or marriage, she is out. (Lol)   I don’t blame her a bit.  I guess the money wasn’t enough for Ms. Cassie.  Don’t worry Cassie someone will put a ring on it, just be patient.

Cassie and Diddy