Toya Wright Is Not Happy with Reginae and YFN Lucci’s Relationship

Toya has a serious problem with Lil Wayne’s 19-year-old daughter’s relationship with Lucci, and she emphasizes he is 27 years-old.   She has a problem with the 8-year difference and that he has four kids.  She comments about dating her dad at a young age and said it is a lot that comes with that lifestyle.

Toya, I am a mother too.  In addition, your daughter is 19-years-old and there is not much you can say when they are that age; they think they are grown.  I would just be there for her when it crumbles and help her get pass him when the time comes.  Lucci may surprise us all and be a good, genuine dude that loves your daughter.  Time will tell; I wish the couple the best, they look happy.



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