Cardi B Hands Out Free Coats and Shoes in Brooklyn: See Live Video

Billboard News Today

Cardi B stepped up and handed out hundreds of free winter coats and shoes at a public housing complex in Brooklyn, New York on Thursday (Oct. 18).

Despite the temperature dropping to 40 degrees, the massive crowd of children and parents reportedly waited for over four hours outside the Marlboro Houses for a chance to meet the Bronx queen and hopefully get a free coat.

The event was put together by a local designer and Cardi’s close friends, who immediately agreed to join the act of kindness. “I didn’t know it was going to be so big! My homeboy Chuck told me ‘Hey, let’s give out coats to our community. I know somebody who’s trying to give out coats,’ and I said, ‘I’m pulling up, what’s up, I’m in here, let’s go!'” Cardi said to reporters at ABC.

I love Cardi B ….  She has such a great heart and so REAL never forgetting where she came from…  YESTERDAY she gave out Coats and Shoes in Brooklyn..  Checkout the video below posted by Cardi B…



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