Songwriter Wins $44 Milion After 7 Year Legal Battle Over Usher’s “Bad Girl”

After going back and forth with the court system, Daniel Marino,  wins in the end.  The songwriter walks away with $44 Million after a 7 year legal battle against Usher over the 2004 hit song “Bad Girl”.  Apparently Daniel worked on a song “Club Girl” between 2001-2002, which he claimed that most of the the song’s “guitar hook, tempo, and chord progression” was reportedly  renamed “Bad Girl.”   He also claims he wasn’t credited for his work on the “Confessions Album” either.  I guess you can say “everything in the dark always comes to the light”.  (Lol) #ijs

To catch you up on the Lawsuit see below:

Marino filed a civil suit 7 years ago, alleging fraud and breach of contract, claiming that he worked with Guice and Barton to create and record a song titled “Club Girl,” which was renamed “Bad Girl.” He also claimed they had a contract to split credit and royalties for the song, but that Guice and Barton made a secret deal to cut him out of the profits.

Congratulations Daniel Marino for winning your fight for what was legal yours ! #ijs