Snoop Dogg Goes on a Hilarious Mission to Smoke Weed in front of the White House

Can Snoop Dogg do this is the biggest question?  Well, I guess he can cause he is not in jail. (Lol)  I just love Snoop Dogg… He is definitely the only “G” in America and he from LBC.  But wait did he just say F*ck the president. (Lol)  I nominate Snoop Dogg for President in the next presidential election.   – Queenie

Billboard News Today

Snoop Dogg will smoke his pot wherever he wants and there’s nothing President Trump can do about it.

Feeling adventurous, the legendary rapper decided to go on a spontaneous trip to Washington, D.C., on Wednesday with only one mission in mind: smoke a blunt at the White House.

In a series of Instagram videos that he titled “I Had 2 Do It part I, II and II,” the California native made his disdain for the president very clear as he strolled around D.C

Rocking a Howard University tracksuit, Snoop documented his entire White House field trip, successfully smoking a blunt without being bothered.

In the last video, in signature Snoop Dogg fashion, the MC is in his hotel room smoking a celebratory joint as he “Netflixes and chills.”

Check out Snoop’s hilarious adventure below.