13 Ways To Save Money During The Holidays

1.) Make a list and check it twice.

2.) Figure how much money you want to spend before you start shopping.

3.) Pay with Cash.

4.) Think of a credit card as a short term loan, use the ones with low a low interest rate.

5.) Allow enough time to shop so you don’t have to buy gifts that are not on sale. Great time to shop is in November.

6.) Don’t over look the value of intangibles. (ie. offer baby sitting for a friend or family member that needs a break if you don’t have money to buy everyone a gift, cook dinner for someone, etc.)

7.) Send e-Cards 8. Say “NO” to toy lust, meaning have your child draft a letter for Santa so you know what him/her wants instead of guessing or buying toys you want.(Lol)

8.) When looking for gifts; look for meaning over glitz.

9.) If your big wedding day is coming soon, this is a great time to shop for your wedding gown and bridesmaids dresses. This is the slowest time of the year for bridal apparel shops. So, you will find great deals.

10.) Get married during the holidays! Yep, here’s why. Most churches are already decorated for Christmas, which means you get to save a lot on flowers. The downside is that because of holiday parties, many caterers, bands and DJs are booked for the season, which means it’s not a great time to plan a huge event unless you do it a year in advance.

11.) Take a Vacation, most Hotels and Resorts are hurting for business during this time.

12.) Remember the reason for the season. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, keeping the holiday’s spiritual message front and center is a good antidote to the holiday gimmies. Instead of spending weekends leading up to Christmas in the mall, it would be a lot better gift to spend your time with your family.

13.) Don’t forget to put yourself on the shopping list. Get you a special gift from you. (Lol)

BTW my Christmas shopping is done…that’s why I’m chillin and I saved lots of money. #ijs


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