McLaren Drops it’s Top for Sexy PhotoShoot!

513137All I Want for Christmas is the keys!

Meet the Naughty 2019 Mclaren 720S Spider:

McLaren has officially pulled the wraps off of its sexy 720S Spider and it is everything we had hoped for. This magnificent  supercar produces a peak of 710 horsepower and up to 568 lb-ft of torque going out through a seven-speed dual-clutch and providing a power-to-weight ratio of 533 hp-per-ton (dry weight).  McLaren quotes the rear wheel drive convertible will have a 2.8-second zero-to-6o-mph time, identical to the number it claims for the 720S coupe. Zero to 124 mph is said to take 7.9 seconds, 0.1 second slower than the coupe variant, with an identical top speed of 212 mph with the roof raised. Roof lowered, it will apparently do 202 mph.  The use of a retractable hard top rather than a fabric roof has allowed the option of a glazed electrochromic glass panel, which can be electrically “Tinted” to reduce sunlight through it’s massive panoramic glass ceiling.

The active aerodynamics of the rear spoiler automatically adapt according to whether the roof is closed or open. With a starting price of $315,000. The 720S coupe comes in 3 different flavors: Standard, Performance, and Luxury—with the possibility of numerous optional upgrades. Orders are being taken now, with the first cars set to reach the United States in March 2019.


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