Congratulations to Safaree and Erica Mena On Their Engagement

Safaree proposed to Erica Mena on Christmas Eve and she said “Yes”.   He posted on Instagram today (12/25/18) that  he had been planning the engagement since Erica’s birthday.   The 10,000 rose petals, 200 candles, fireworks and Daron Jones from group 112 singing “Crazy Over You” sat the mood for him to ask her to marry him.   Now that is so romantic.  They are such a cute couple.  Erica Mena is going to be a beautiful bride.  Congratulations!!

A rep for Safaree, KD McNair, tells TMZ … “2019 is the year of new beginnings and it’s safe to say our guy Safaree stepped up and put a ring on it.”  We’re told Safaree dropped $175,000 on the engagement ring, which features 14 carats in platinum and was personally designed by Safaree and Trax NYC.