Co-Signed by Prince, DaniLeigh On Her Rising Star Status

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FROM Miami

AGE 24


HEATING UP DaniLeigh, born Danielle Curiel, moved to Los Angeles with her mother and little sister at 16 to break through as a dancer and singer. She was part of a duo then, performing with a close friend under the moniker Curly Fryz. But when the pair broke up four years later, DaniLeigh kept working: “I felt like I wasn’t good enough to [continue] by myself because I couldn’t sing like Beyoncé or Whitney Houston.”

SEAL OF ROYAL APPROVAL Before she went solo, Prince selected the then-18-year-old to direct and star in his 2013 music video “Breakfast Can Wait.” Two years later, she put her first compilation online, but only after sending it to the pop icon first. “He was like, ‘Make sure whatever you put out as your own music is just as dope,’” she remembers. “That always stuck. If a legend is telling me I’m dope, I must be dope.”

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