Dressing with confidence is more than just putting on the most recent form of fashion, it’s about liking what you’re wearing, looking balanced and feeling confident in all circumstances. The way you dress can have a gigantic effect on your conduct, outlook, and even identity.

You will be surprised to know that something as simple as how you dress usually goes on to affect your self-confidence and attitude. Changing the way you dress will change the way you feel. When you are well dressed and look good you will automatically feel better. When you feel good about yourself, you are more likely to feel good inside, treat others better, and have more energy.

Maxx and Queenie

More Queenie’s Closet….

What To Wear This Autumn

Long Sleeved Blouse + High-Waisted Trousers Blazer + Jeans + Heeled Ballet Pumps Short Dress + Leather Trousers Slip Skirt + Denim Jacket + Biker Boots Suede Jacket + Slip Dress Statement Trench + Jeans Pleated Skirt + Shacket Leather Skirt + Matching Knit Camel Jacket + Jeans Knit Dress + Leather Jacket Statement Trench + Neutral SeparatesContinue Reading

Rose Gold

I am not ready to give up the summer. But GOD is in control, so I have no choice. But what I can control is my outfit (Lol). I will be creating the perfect looks for the upcoming season.  Let’s start with this rose gold Jogger set by Fashion Nova.  Rose gold has definitely madeContinue Reading

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