Asiahn Talks Colorism in the Music Industry & Premieres ‘Like You’ Music Video: Watch

Billboard News 1/15/19

“Proving people wrong is always part of the goal.”

Asiahn is redefining what it means to take back one’s power in the music industry — both as a young woman and an autonomous artist. The LA-based songwriting phenom cut her teeth penning cuts for superstars like Jennifer Lopez (“Booty”) and Miley Cyrus (“Hands in the Air”), and even worked with Dr. Dre on “Just Another Day” from his 2015 album Compton, earning her one of three Grammy nominations. These days, however, the artist is focused on her own journey and the self-love necessary to step into the spotlight as a singer.

“It’s draining to love something and then feel like you can’t do it because of restrictions someone else has put on you,” she tells Billboard about the lack of visibility for black and LGBTQ+ artists, as well as how women in the music industry face constant body shaming. “To put fear in someone is terrible. As a woman, I want every little girl to feel like she can do whatever she wants to do, to feel like she’s fearless and she’s strong, no matter her size. We have to make sure we don’t fold into the narrative of what they want us to be.”

Sharing her truth is a major part of Asiahn’s musical narrative. Her raw willingness to open up is woven throughout her new album, Love Train 2, the follow-up to 2017’s debut EP Love Train. This authenticity can be heard on tracks such as the melodic R&B standout “Like You,” her latest single, on which she describes being dissatisfied in a relationship while simultaneously yearning to connect with another young woman. In the video, premiering exclusively on Billboard, Asiahn goes through the motions of a woman on the brink of an inevitable breakup, expressing the not-so-black-and-white shadows that exist in the painful space between being in love and being eager to move on.  [Read More Billboard News]