Future Talks Mentoring Young Thug, Career Evolution in ‘The Fader’ Interview

Billboard News 1/16/19

Future sat down with The Fader Wednesday (Jan. 16) for a sobering on-camera interview opening up on a multitude of topics. The 35-year-old touched on his upcoming album The Wizrd, the loss of his longtime engineer Seth Firkins, how he sees himself in Young Thug, hearing the comparisons of being the “male Beyoncé,” and the overall evolution of his artistry.

There’s always going to be some sort of negativity and darkness packaged into every Future project. The 35-year-old — who recently admitted he hid his sobriety — tries to flip that into a positive by shedding the skin of living through who he used to be. “I created off negativity. It always fuel my fire. I just feed into it, and that’s where I get my best ideas from, by making something negative and turning it into my positive, by making music from it and having success from it,” he explains. “But the burden becomes I gotta keep living this way and keep living every line, every day. And it’s just like that’s not who I am anymore.”

Going off that point, Hendrix is ready to evolve into the next chapter of his career and life. “The way I think and that not caring mentality, I carried on into music, into business, into the way I move. it’s just time to stop that. It’s like it’s an end. Like, you not in the streets anymore. It’s over. That’s your past life,” the ATL trap legend declares.

When Future looks at Young Thug, he sees the younger version of himself in his Super Slimey collaborator. (Thugger is notably absent from The Wizrd‘s track list.)

“He’s like my twin. It’s like seeing me all over again. I don’t want him to make the same mistakes I made. I want him to be bigger than me in every way,” the “Crushed Up” rapper says. “Like two or three days ago, he was telling me the realest shit ever on the phone. It hit home. I just never had the time to change certain things about me. Not even recognizing things that people love about me or they might put up with because they love me. Did I take advantage of real loyalty?”

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