What about those Suede Leather Coats

Tag from inside of the MAXIMA Suede Leather Brown Coat

In the picture below, I am wearing a suede leather “MAXIMA” brown coat by “Wilson Leather” with fur lining.  This coat was purchased in 2005 and still in great condition.  Normally, you can get style but not warmth; or warmth and no style. (Lol) However, with this coat you get both.  Remember, picking out timeless fashion is the biggest way to save money.  I would say,  I am an expert at purchasing timeless fashion, what you think?  Remember, if you look amazing on the outside then your outfit inside should  be just as amazing. #ijs

Weather today is 35 degrees and windy;
just the right weather for fur, leather and suede coats.

Walking around in Virginia Beach Town Center; I stumbled across this coffee Shop.  I ordered a delicious hot Bananacado Latte (banana, avacado, agave, pistachio milk).  If you are near “Town Center Virginia Beach” stop by “Cold Pressed”, they have a great atmosphere, food and hot delicious coffee/tea.

100% Suede Leather Coat by Wilson Leather / Turtleneck by Harve Benard / Khaki Jeans by Levi’s Leather Riding Boot by Arturochiang / Hat Sold on the streets of NYC

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