Adidas and Foot Locker are asking young designers to help them make new sneakers

Adidas is enlisting some new partners in its ongoing effort to upend the economics of sneaker production with its automated, super-fast “Speedfactories” in the US and Germany.

The athletic brand has teamed up with the sneaker retailer Foot Locker, and together the companies will seek input from consumers at different “cultural events and sport moments” throughout the year to quickly create batches of “consumer-inspired” sneakers.

The forthcoming lots of sneakers will be part of Adidasโ€™s AM4 lineโ€”as in โ€œAdidas made forโ€โ€”which have so far been mostlyย tailored to the specific needsย of running communities in various cities. The goal is to let local communities in on the creative process to make โ€œhyperlocalโ€ products, and Adidas says that because it is producing the shoes in its Atlanta Speedfactory, which was designed around digitized processes and automation,ย it will be able to deliver them โ€œup to 36 times faster than standard industry production times.โ€ย  ย [Read Moreย]


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