How To Style Brown

For years, the color brown has been considered ugly. Well, that is what fashion critics say.  It is said, brown conjures up images of everything regrettable about the 70s style. (Lol)  Brown shoes, fine.  A brown belt, sure.  However, pretty much anything else traditionally has been shunned as unwelcome and unflattering.  Well, I am here to prove it all wrong.  Brown is a beautiful color and a great base color to start with to build a great LOOK.


Wearing brown can be fun.  Picking the right shades, knowing what garments they work on, and having a knowledge of how to pair them with a variety of colors, is key.  There are so many shades of brown that you can easily find something in your wardrobe to match.  Be careful of the shoes you wear with brown.  The rule is when wearing brown, black and navy blue your shoes should be those colors.  Well, I agree and disagree.  It really depends on the type of shoes you are planning to wear.   Nevertheless, black shoes with brown pants, dress or skirt is a Fashion No No, unless the shoes have brown in them to pull the look together.  Be very careful when mixing two dark base colors together you might end up creating a fashion wreck. #ijs

When I style with the color brown, I like to make it fun and sexy.  I suggest mixing a print; such as plaid or animal.  Then, pull another color from the print and mix it with the brown to create a fun sexy LOOK.  Remember, brown has to be a in the print or again you will leave people that see you with a #wtf  expression.

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