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Fire at Wells Fargo Facility Causes Nationwide Outages

U.S. News Today

A fire at one of the bank’s facilities forced Wells Fargo to shut down its servers.

Wells Fargo customers nationwide were unable to use debit cards or online mobile banking Thursday after the company said it experienced “system issues” that had resulted in outages.

The company said in a press release that it was experiencing issues because of a power shutdown at one of its facilities caused by smoke after routine maintenance. Wells Fargo tweeted that the issue was causing outages and it was “working to restore services as soon as possible.” Its website appeared to be completely offline.

The bank’s ATMs were also not functioning properly and customers encountered issues when trying to use their debit and credit cards. A message on the bank’s website says “some of our web pages are temporarily unavailable.”

It was not clear how many people were affected by the issue. Customers responded to Wells Fargo on Twitter, some threatening to take their business elsewhere. Although the bank said the outages were “intermittent, customers tweeted that they had been unable to access their accounts all day.

A Wells Fargo employee told KULR-TV that a fire at the bank’s facility in Shoreview, Minnesota, forced the bank to shut down its servers. The employee said the outage could last until Friday.



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