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Heart for Home-ownership Gala (2/9/19) My Red Carpet Look


As always, I share my outfits, so see below what I styled up for this RED event.

Red Carpet Look 

Let’s chitchat about my hair and makeup for a second.  At the last minute, meaning the day of the event, approximately 8 hours before I had to be there, I wanted to do something different from what I normally do when I attend these types of events, I wanted a completely new me. (Lol)  Normally, I am curly and makeup is just basic, which is not a bad look. It is easy to just wash my hair, put some products on to define my curls and go.  However, not this time, I wanted to transform into someone no one would recognize or get people to look twice. (Lol)  You know when you are last minute, it’s impossible to pull a new look together in time, especially if you want the WOW effect.  Well, when you are good at what you do, meaning styling, you can do it (yeah I am bragging a little, sorry).   The key to pulling a new look off is having the vision before you start.  You cannot be plain when wearing a red dress. #ijs

I laid in my bed for about an hour getting the vision.  Then, I started making calls to a few MAC Cosmetic counters and of course, they were all booked.  I mean it is Saturday. (Lol)  However, I did not let that discourage me.   I called ULTA Beauty and their MAC Cosmetic counter was booked too. But, the girl said let her check if their Salon has an available appointment.  I was like oh lord; this is not going to be good it is Saturday and last minute. She came back to the phone and said they have a 12:00 (Noon) appointment.  Yeah, you guessed it. I took the appointment. Long story short, the makeup wasn’t what I expected, but it was okay. (Lol)  I just have to find me a makeup artist in 757.  Now on to my hair, again I have no appointment.

I was sitting in my car saying where can I go and get my hair done at the last minute.  The look I was going for was the WOW effect.  My first thought was to just go and buy a wig.  But, the last time I wore a wig no one recognized me at the event but my head itched so bad I vowed to never wear another wig ever again.  Plus, that wig was HOT as h**l.  Long story short, I remembered this young woman last summer that cut my hair and she did an excellent job.  She worked at GREAT CLIPS, off Independence Blvd. in the Haygood Shopping Center in Virginia Beach, VA.  I crossed my fingers and headed that way.

Walked in “GREAT CLIPS” and there she was, Ms. Carleen, but she was busy.  There is more to this story but I am going to keep it short.  Carleen (IG @xianlomlislove) was the one that slayed my hair, in 1 1/2 hours.  She cut my hair, straightened every piece and styled it.  We worried about the wind ripping through my hair and she had a remedy for that too.  God is good; he saw my vision and lead me down the path in which I was able to make it happen. There are talented hairstylist everywhere, even GREAT CUTS at an affordable price.  It is not how much you pay; it is about the quality of the service. #ijs

Carleen brought out my grown and sexy side with this hair style.  Thanks Carleen for listening to my vision and seeing your vision, putting them both together to create a new me.  See finished product below.  

LAST Minuet dress from Fashion Nova. This beautiful Rendezous Lace RED Dress is by Maniju sold by Fashion Nova / All Accessories purchased by my FAV Accessories store Dillard’s / Handbag  by Touch of Nina (enough room for my lipgloss, eyelash brush and iPhone Max  / Shoes by Jessica Simpson (see video below)

Crystal Shoes by Jessica Simpson ( picture does these shoes no justice see video Shoe Chat on Queenie’s Blog)


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