Michael Kors And Priyanka Chopra Won NYFW

Michael Kors’s tribute to Studio 54 – complete with glitter canons, tinsel curtains and Barry Manilow singing Copacabana IRL – at New York Fashion Week paid off, quite literally. The brand amassed $7.1 million (£5.5 million) in media impact value and 2.9 million engagements via 137 posts, a study by Launchmetrics has found. Out of the total online content shared globally between February 6 to 13, Michael Kors also had the most popular Facebook post – a shot of his Cipriani’s extravaganza which singlehandedly accumulated $683,000 (£533,800) in media impact value and 935,000 engagements.


“How Michael Kors And Priyanka Chopra Won NYFW Of the 30 million social engagements recorded in total, Priyanka Chopra was the celebrity with the widest reach. The actor’s single picture with Michael Kors generated $532,000 (£415,800) in media impact value and 54,000 engagements, and was mentioned in more than 360 social media posts and 113 news articles.

“How Michael Kors And Priyanka Chopra Won NYFW Of course, Kors is a hugely successful entrepreneur with decades of business acumen under his belt, but he also has an unbridled love of fashion that is infectious. “I don’t wanna sound like Pollyanna but the reality is, I think fashion’s joyous,” Kors told before his autumn/winter 2019 show. “A lot of people think joyous means you’re not smart, and optimistic means you’re not chic. I think that’s ridiculous.” His jet-set lifestyle – he zips around the globe visiting the 1,008 stores in the Michael Kors empire with his husband Lance LePerre – also means he has cast his social network wide. If his friendship with Chopra, who is undoubtedly , seems like it could be orchestrated to get social-media likes, it’s not. She is exactly the kind of customer his aspirational, travel-heavy lifestyle appeals to – just look at her Instagram.  [Read More]

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