R&B Group 112 – CUPID (LIVE) 2/15/19

Group Members:  Slim, Daron Jones, Quinnes Dammond Parker and Michael Marcel Keith (ALL Members are not at the concert find out why below)

Why ALL 112’s members are not performing at the concert?

Bad news for 112 fans — the R&B quartet that JUST reunited after an 11-year hiatus has broken up again … but a couple members say they want to keep the brand alive.

We spoke to Mike and Slim who tell us Q and Daron recently split from the group after a disagreement that they just couldn’t resolve. They’re a bit vague on what exactly they were beefing over, but it sounds like it might be a legal issue … ’cause Slim says he’s being sued.

112 hadn’t put out a new album since 2005, so their loyal supporters were stoked in 2016 when they joined Diddy‘s Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour and then released a 6th studio album and dropped a new single last year.

So, one thing is clear … Mike and Slim are gonna keep touring on their own, which they’ve apparently been doing for months now.


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