John Legend on R. Kelly’s Arrest for Sexual Abuse Charges: ‘We Looked Away for Too Long’ (2/26/19)

Billboard News 2/26/19

John Legend was one of the only prominent artists to participate in Lifetime’s haunting Surviving R. Kelly docuseries, but he didn’t want to hear any praise for what he deemed an “easy decision.” The 40-year-old appeared on NBC’s Today show on Tuesday morning (Feb. 26) to discuss joining The Voice for season 16 and R. Kelly’s indictment on 10 counts of sexual abuse.

“I’m so glad that the documentary [Surviving R. Kelly] was made,” he began. “I’m so glad that the victims got to have their voices heard, and I think them having their voices heard, this story being retold, because it’s been told before, but I think being retold through that medium really brought the issue to a lot of people’s attention, and I think it inspired the law enforcement to move on some things that they weren’t moving on before.”

Legend added that the recent charges should have happened long ago. “I think it’s been a long time coming. I think a lot of us kind of tolerated or looked the other way on that issue for a long time, and a lot of people were being hurt for decades, and we looked away for too long,” the “All of Me” singer said.

The Chicago Tribune reports that R. Kelly was bailed out on Monday evening thanks to a suburban 47-year-old Chicago resident, who coughed up the $100,000 for his bond. According to court documents, she identified as a “friend” of the R&B singer.