Crochet Vibes for 2019 Spring

Crochet dresses come in high doses this spring! And I’m here for it … YESSSS I LOVE Crochet Dresses!

I started collecting my Crochet Dresses in 2018.  Watching fashion designers and just knowing great trends that will possibly repeat, I was already predicting crochet garments would take a huge leap in fashion for 2019.  And I was RIGHT! Keep reading… 

Crochet dresses may be more common and less unusual now.  There’s nothing about crochet maxi dresses that can go wrong.  See below how I styled the first one for this spring.  But trust me there will be more of me and these crochet dresses in 2019,  I promise you.

Sunglasses by http://www.valdeciocollection / Necklace by Betsey Johnson / Bluish Green dress by Fashion Nova  / Handbag by Cappelli Strawold Inc. / Floral Sandals by Steve Madden



Brief History on Crochet

Fit for a queen

Having been invented as a method for producing a cheap substitute for traditional lace, crochet struggled to shake off its reputation as an inferior craft. However, that changed when Queen Victoria gave it the royal seal of approval by buying crocheted lace made by Irish women who were struggling to make a living after the potato famine – Queen Vic herself even learned to crochet, making eight crocheted scarves for veterans of the South African War – and by the end of her reign, much of England was hooked.

1920s and 30s

The twenties and thirties saw crochet make the move from a decorative embellishment to a method for producing entire garments. This classic cloche hat and stunning evening gown both echo popular designs of the era.

1940s and wartime

Crochet became part of the wartime effort in both Britain and the US – women on the home front could contribute to the war effort by hooking up items for the troops. In the spirit of austerity, crochet was also a great way of jazzing up existing outfits, in keeping with the ‘make do and mend’ attitude of the time.


After the war, things were back on track – crochet evolved with the fashions of the day as you can see from these classic fifties shapes -including the ever-so chic wedding dress on the left.

1960s and 70s

The sixties was the decade where the crochet boom really began. Alongside the swinging fashions of the age, there was a huge trend for crocheted homeware.

The ‘granny square’ also came into vogue. A simple design, this could be used to make a huge variety of clothes and accessories. There really was something for everyone – even Clint Eastwood got in on the trend.

Crochet Today

It’s never really gone away, but today crochet is having a bit of a renaissance. From Dior to Dolce & Gabbana, it’s a regular feature on the catwalk – recognize that granny square? – and this season it’s all over the high-street. What better time to give it a go for yourself?

2018 summer IG post!  Who remembers me talking about these crochet dresses?!?  My family will cosign this I’m sure.

Mocha dress by Fashion Nova (2018 Spring Collection)