5 Avoidable Summer Fashion Mistakes Women Make at Work

The idea of acceptable work-wear has shifted the last few decades.  Denim is not always a hard no, a sleeveless dress is not a trip to HR waiting to happen, and open-toe shoes are not the end of the world.   However, the last thing you want is for your summer fashion choices to overshadow your skillsβ€”even if your company has a relaxed vibe. #ijs

Nobody knows what works in your office better than you do; here are a few common summer fashion choices to avoid at workβ€”even if it is 100 degrees.

  1. Leave the flip-flops, pool slides, and noisy mules at home.
  2. Save the slogan tees for your days off.
  3. Avoid miniskirts, short-shorts, and crop tops
  4. Don’t take “casual Friday” too casual
  5. Skip anything you would wear to a music festival


Sunglasses by Bevello / Shirt by American Eagle / Camouflage Pants by Be.Spoke / Shoes by Michael Kors / Handbag by Kate Landry

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