What happens when the sun dies?

What happens when the sun dies?
It’s hard for us to even imagine the star that has illuminated our Earth since the dawn of time might one day be extinguished. Incredible as the idea may be, it’s a fact that is inevitable, even though it’s unlikely to happen overnight! But what exactly will happen when the lights finally go out?


The sun in figures
Did you know: our sun is a yellow dwarf. However, we only see it as yellow because of the color of the sky. Its polychromatic light is in fact more green than yellow. The sun is around 4.5 billion years old, 110 times bigger than the Earth, has a circumference measuring over four million kilometers (2.5 million miles) and gravity that is 28 times stronger than ours. It weighs just 1.9 (plus 30 zeros) kilos, but prefers if you don’t make a big thing of it.


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