23 Songs That Were Secretly Written By Huge Stars

5. Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself,” Co-Written by Ed Sheeran
Along with Benny Blanco and Justin Bieber himself, Ed Sheeran also contributed some of his songwriting prowess to this 2015 catchy tune that landed on singles charts in 15 countries around the world. Two years after the song was released, Sheeran actually disclosed in an interview with Carson Daly, as reported on by Billboard, that the song was originally intended for him.
“That was a song I had written for Divide. It just wouldn’t have made it. And then Justin took it and did his thing on it, and released it as a single and made it what it is,” Sheeran said. “So going from a song that would have never been released to the biggest song of last year…it just shows you that you shouldn’t always write stuff off.”

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