23 Songs That Were Secretly Written By Huge Stars

4. David Bowie’s “Fame,” Co-Written by John Lennon
Though it is true that musical icon David Bowie penned most of his most popular hits, it turns out that he also had a bit of help crafting some tunes from his friends in the music industry. In the case of “Fame,” a 1975 single that eventually ended up in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll, Bowie’s friend John Lennon actually helped quite a bit in the songwriting process.
According to a radio interview that Bowie did with Timothy White, Lennon and Bowie met while living in New York City and “Fame” is the result of a one-day session at Electric Lady Studios in January of 1975. Lennon, it turns out, came up with the hook in the famous song.

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