Everything is upside down in this house — even the toilet

This gives new meaning to the phrase “flipped house.”

A crazy attraction in Brighton, England, is getting quite the buzz on social media, and it’s probably because it provides a quirky backdrop for photos.

It’s called the Upside-Down House for good reason; from the outside, the inverted turquoise house appears to be sitting on its roof.

Inside, it gets even crazier. The home, which includes a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom and children’s play area, has all of the furniture and features of a normal house — but everything is installed upside-down.


Guests walk right-side-up on what is essentially the ceiling and can take pictures interacting with the decor. All you have to do is flip the photo upside down and it’ll look like you’re experiencing a gravity-defying moment.

CEO Tom Dirse told TODAY Home the goal was to let people experience what it is like to walk upside down.

But, really, it’s all about the Instagram picture.

He said one of the most popular areas in the house is the kitchen. “(It’s) very cool to see people climbing the top of the kitchen cupboards and capturing some great photos,” he said.

People also seem to love to pretend like they’re diving into the toilet, because, well … why not?


The company, which has three other similar houses around the U.K., also has an in-house interior designer and plans to change up the decor throughout the year to reflect different seasons. There will be snow and colorful lights for the holidays, eggs and bunnies for Easter and a spooky upside-down house for Halloween.


Per:  Today

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