Now Onyx Resort Punta Cana (Dominican Republic) & Excursions (Things To Do)

See live videos on my IG Story @QueeniesBlog_ of my departure/arrival, the property of Now Onyx including the rooms, restaurants/buffets and excursions I did during my 5 nights/6 days stay.

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Traveled to Punta Cana on May 19, 2018.  Never flew United Airlines so I was a little concerned on how comfortable the flight would be.  Surprisingly, it was a very good flight and the flight attendants gave GREAT customer service.   I left Norfolk VA at 6:30am and arrived in Punta Cana at 12:20pm.


Felix (left) my butler

The drive from the airport to the resort had me full with anticipation.  We drove through the city, which was cool. Giving me a chance to see the locals and how they live.  You really could tell that you were in another country; it was very different from the US.   As we left the city, there were lots of farmland with crops, cows and horses very country looking.

Arriving at the Now Onyx Resort (All Inclusive) was exciting.   When I walked through the property to my room, the scenery was absolutely breathe taking, definitely makes you feel like you are in paradise.  The staff from the moment I stepped through the doors treated me like royalty and the rooms were emaculant. My butler Felix was most helpful during my stay.  He made sure I had everything as close to perfect as he could, you could probably say; he spoiled me.   Not sure why they call him a butler, he is more like iCandy, lol.  The staff in every department are friendly and helpful.

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