Fashion Tip !! Picking the Right Jeans

Let’s chit-chat about the women with the flat booty. You want to know how you can make your booty look bigger. Well, it’s easy ladies. Below are some basic tips that you can use in order to enhance your buttocks.

Pick the right jeans


Never ignore the importance of choosing the right pants. If chosen correctly, your butt will look plump, round and perky. Here are the following things that you need to keep in mind when selecting the right kind of pants:

  • Buy pants that are tight fitting. Remember, if you are wearing ‘baggy’ pants, your curves will not be visible. It is common knowledge that skinny jeans are considered ideal for showing off your bodily curves. However, for those who do not feel comfortable wearing skinny jeans, you can even opt for a regular fitting pair of pants that has a fitted rear.
  • Pocket placement also plays a major role. The pockets should be smaller, and should be placed slightly higher than usual. This will make your butt bigger than it is. More importantly, pockets that have a bit of embroidery, or include sequins and stitching designs will make the area look much more interesting, hence attracting attention to the rear. Remember, jeans that don’t have any pockets, or those that have big pockets you should be avoided.
  • High waisted jeans should also be an option. Basically, the top of the pants usually fits around the smallest part of a person’s waist, hence making the waist look comparatively smaller, while your butt looks much bigger than it is!
  • Low rise jeans can also give the illusion that your butt looks bigger than it really is.

Cinch your waist!

If you make your waist look much smaller, your butt will look bigger than it is. It doesn’t matter if your waist is big or small, you can use the following tips in order to make your butt look much bigger:

  • Put a belt on your waist! Get a medium or large width belt, and then tie it around the smallest part of your waist. This will cinch up your waist, making your butt look more enhanced than it really is.
  • You could also try wearing a girdle. For people who are slightly more bulky around the waist, wearing a girdle will push the excess tummy downwards, hence enhancing your buttocks and making them look much larger than they actually are.
  • Rather than wearing striped colors, stick to dark, solid colors on the top side. This will make your butt look more enhanced, and also make it look much smoother.
  • Here is an example of some jeans that are affordable and that give you more booty. Levi’s “Wedgie” Fit Jeans Cost $88.00 – This low-stretch denim hugs at your waist and hips, showcasing your best assets.

Wear high heels

Another way that you can enhance your buttocks is by wearing high heels. The factor here is; wearing high heels changes the natural curve of your spine, hence making your butt as well as your boobs to protrude further from your body. If you want to get an extra lifted derriere, go for stilettos rather than the kitten heels.

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    Finding the right pair of jeans is so hard for me. I typically get high rise jeans because they look better on me. If you’re interested in other fashion/beauty posts, feel free to check out my blog http://www.clatchetchronicles.com 🙂

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