10 Reasons Denim is the Best…

You can wear denim a million different ways for almost any occasion, so whether it’s in the form of jeans, a dress, or a jacket, you should definitely have denim in your wardrobe. If you need more convincing or want to feel better about the pair of jeans or jean dress you just splurged on, here are the reasons why denim is the best:

1. It’s iconic.  Denim has had its moment for every generation.

2. It’s trendy.

3. It’s comfortable enough for casual days.  And more socially acceptable than sweatpants.

4. It can also be dressed up.

5. It still looks amazing when distressed.  Unlike most of us.

6. It’s quintessentially American.

7. ALL countries love it.

8. It’s a classic.  You can never go wrong with jeans and a white shirt.

9. You can wear it head to toe.  There’s even a name for it: Canadian Tuxedo (which further proves point No.

Canadian tuxedo (plural Canadian tuxedos or Canadian tuxedoes) (US, fashion, derogatory) An outfit consisting of denimwear for tops and bottoms, such as a jean jacket and jeans (pants).

10. Most people don’t wash denim after every wear, but I do.  But if you do decide to wash your jeans, be careful when putting them in the dryer because they WILL shrink.

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