Introducing the ICON A5

Today we are changing up the auto perspective a bit. Still involves an automobile but with just a little hint of “air”. *hint hint*

Introducing the new “Intuitive. Ergonomic. Beautifully simple.”Β called theΒ ICON A5!

Along with a $5,000 deposit to reserve your delivery position, the ICON A5 will only cost you $389,000 MSRP.

And this comes with an equipped parachute, just incase you may be in need of a little emergency assistance.

Convenience. The ICON A5 gives you the ability to take off on grass strips, secluded beaches, and airports (small or big). The ICON A5 even comes with an inflatable dock making it easy to attach your plane to your very own personal boat! Also to mention, you will have the ability to load your very own personal plane onto the back of any automobile, using just a trailer!

What else can you ask for? This plane allows you to fly whenever you want to at anytime of the day.

Plane 9.jpg


Plane 5.jpgPlane.jpg

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