Uber driver fired for kicking gay couple out of car

Uber has fired a New Jersey driver for kicking out two female passengers for being gay, according to a new report.

Kristin Michele and Jenn Mangan had grabbed a ride-share car from their home in Oaklyn to a concert in Camden on Friday night when Michele leaned over and gave Mangan a kiss on the cheek.

Their driver flipped out โ€” and ordered them out of the car, saying she was a Christian woman who โ€œdidnโ€™t believe in that,โ€ Michele told

โ€œAre you kicking me out because Iโ€™m gay?โ€ Michele asked the driver soon after she started filming the angry exchange.

โ€œYes, I am. Yes,โ€ the driver admitted, getting increasingly angry as she repeatedly demanded, โ€œGet out!โ€ โ€” even reaching to try to knock away Micheleโ€™s phone.

โ€œYouโ€™ve gotta be fโ€”ing kidding me. It is 2019 [and] youโ€™re kicking me out because Iโ€™m gay,โ€ Michelle replied, before the couple eventually got out of the car and caught a train to the Zac Brown Band show instead.

The driver had threatened to call cops and told the couple that she could โ€œreject any ride that I want to.โ€

Not so, said Uber, which quickly removed her from the ride-share app, which proudly declares its dedication to LGBTQ equality on its website and also has clear non-discrimination policies.

โ€œUber does not tolerate discrimination in any form and we have been in contact with this rider,โ€ spokesman Grant Klinzman told The Post. โ€œWe removed the driverโ€™s access to the app as soon as we were made aware of this incident.โ€

Michele said she posted the video because she was โ€œinfuriatedโ€ that the driver cited her religious beliefs.

โ€œI believe God loves everyone no matter who they are or who they love. If you truly have faith than [sic] you know that love is love,โ€ she wrote on Facebook.



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