Exclusive: Quincy & Christian Combs Involved In A Car Accident

Diddy’s sons Quincy and Christian Combs were involved in a car accident last night Roommates. It is important to note that there were no fatalities nor serious injuries.

The crash happened Monday evening on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles after Quincy and Christian left Diddy’s home. The accident was a two car crash involving a female driver.

Witnesses present at the scene tell us that Christian left the scene in a black Range Rover with Diddy’s bodyguards while Quincy stayed behind as he was the one driving.

Quincy chatted with the lady who was involved in the crash and exchanged all relevant information with her. When asked if everyone was okay, Quincy’s fine self responded, “Yes Sir, everyone is fine.”

Although no one got out of the car, you can see Diddy’s Maybach pulling up to the scene to make sure everything was straight. This comes on the heels of Diddy’s ex boo Lori Harvey being involved in an accident herself just the night before his sons found themselves in a similar predicament.




Per: TSR

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